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Research in CUNY

Instructor: Professor Ping Ji

  • Office: 524 West 59th Street, Rm 06.63.07, NYC, NY 10019

  • Phone: 212-237-8841

  • Office Hour: by appointment.

Text Book

There is no textbook for this course. Reading materials will be explored over time.

Course Description

CUNY Computer Science PhD Program has a strong faculty team with research interests spanning through fundamental Computational Theories to cutting-edge Computer Systems and Applications. When coming into the program, it is essential for a student to explore research areas to identify one that interests him/her the most, and to know the faculty’s research focuses so that to find a matching mentor for the Thesis. Therefore, this course aims to provide a platform for both the students and the faculty to reach out to each other, share their interests and goals, and hopefully to match up for future thesis works.

Course Objectives

Seminar talks of faculty members of CUNY or external visitors will be recommended to the students to attend. In the meantime, the students are required to conduct active exploration on particular research areas in Computer Science and the faculty research correspondingly, so that by the end of the semester a student can be relatively clear about his/her research goal for the PhD study, and hopefully identify an appropriate mentor for the thesis.

Course Workload

Each student is required to attend 10 to 12 seminar talks recommended by the Instructor of this course. The series of recommended seminar talks will be available online at the class website. In addition, towards the end of the semester, a 15 minutes talk is required for each student to present the search results of his/her area of research interest and the corresponding faculty members who may have matching focus. Each of the above components is required to complete the course. Not finishing any of the requirements will result in an INC (Incomplete).