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Research in CUNY

Instructor: Distinguished Professor Gabor T. Herman



The CUNY Computer Science PhD Program has a strong faculty team with research interests spanning from fundamental Computational Theories to cutting-edge Computer Systems and Applications. When coming into the program, it is essential for a student to explore research areas to identify one that interests him/her the most and to get acquainted with the faculty’s research focuses in order to find a matching mentor for doctoral research. This course provides a platform for the faculty to share their research interests with students in the program.


Each week two one-hour presentations will be given by faculty members of the PhD Program in Computer Science on their current research interests.

Topic List

This will be determined by the research interests of the faculty members of the PhD Program in Computer Science who will be giving the presentations.

Learning Goals

After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Describe areas of Computer Science that are of current research inters.

  • Discuss the intellectual merits of some current Computer Science research.

  • Discuss the potential contributions of some current Computer Science beyond its specific topic.

  • Identify potential mentors for the student’s doctoral research.


Within two days of the presentation the students will submit electronically a report on each presentation. These will be 500-750 words long and will describe succinctly the topic of the presentation, the intellectual merit and potential usefulness of the work reported in the presentation and the relation of the presentation to the student’s interests. The reports will be graded and returned to the students, also electronically, within a week of the corresponding presentations.