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Seminar in New Developments in Discrete Algorithms

Instructor: Professor Amotz Bar-Noy

  • Office: Room 4327

  • Classroom: 8203

  • Time: 11:45AM-1:45PM Friday


Course Description

This is a seminar course in which the students make a presentation on a research paper of their choice.


Topic List

  • Secluded Connectivity Problems

  • Friendship and Stable Matching

  • Data Delivery by Energy-Constrainted Mobile Agents

  • Spatial Query Integrity with Voronoi Neighbors

  • On Optimal Scheduling of Collaborative Mobilechargers in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Playing Mastermind with Many Colors

  • The Generalized Robinson-Foulds Metric

  • Compact Querieable Representations of Raster Data

  • Simple, Fast and Deterministic Gossip and Rumor Spreading

  • Uniform Dispersal of Asynchronous Finite-State Mobile Robots in Presence of Holes

  • The Wake Up Dominating Set Problem

  • Detecting Superbubbles in Assembly Graphs

  • Making Life Easier for Firefighters