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Tom Carlson
Institution: The Graduate Center, CUNY
Program: Comparative Literature
Areas of Concentration: French and German Romantics, Decadents, and Early Modernists. Phenomenology, Extra-Morality, Aesthetics, Subjectivity, Rilke's Birds, the Orpheus myth, and Maurice Blanchot's Death of the Author
Languages and Literatures: French, German, English
Publications: “Commitments that Transcend the Parenthesis,” The Humanities Circle ed. Prasad Pannian (Kerala, India: Central University of Kerala, 2016).

“An Origin to Doing.” Inkwell vol. 10, ed. Thane Fay (Olympia, WA: The Evergreen State College, 2015), 52.
Previous Education
College / University attended: The Evergreen State College
Degree awarded: BA