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Giacomo Bianchino
Institution: The Graduate Center, CUNY
Program: Comparative Literature
Areas of Concentration: Germanophone philosophy, Marxism, Historiography, psychoanalysis, poetics, Revolutionary histories, Cinema
Languages and Literatures: English, Italian, French
Country of origin: Australia
Publications: Bianchino, G., “Greek Ideology and Modern Politics in Marx’s Early Works” in M. Steven (ed.) Marx and Modernism, London: Bloomsbury Press, Forthcoming 2020
Bianchino, G., “Simulation and Dissimulation: Esoteric Meme Pages at the Limits of Irony” in A. Bown and D. Bristow (eds.) Post Memes, Brooklyn: Punctum Books, Forthcoming 2019
Bianchino, G., “Canonising Kierkegaard: Towards a Systematic Reading of the Authorship” Kierkegaard in Process: The International Kierkegaard Student Journal, 2, 2017, pp. 10-19

Bianchino, G., “Public Image Limited: Defensive Architecture Takes Public Space” The Saturday Paper, 19 September, 2015, p. 26

Presentations of Academic Papers:
Bianchino, G., “Afterwork and Overtime” Paper Presented at “Afterwork” Graduate Conference at the University of California at Irvine, 2019
Bianchino, G., ”Gospel of Displacement: Paul, Plato and the Effacement of the Local” Paper presented at Displacement Graduate Conference at CUNY Graduate Center, 2018

Bianchino, G., “Hegel’s Reformation and the Inauguration of the Ius Publicae Europaeum in the Facticity of the New World” Paper presented at Crisis, Reformation and Revolution Conference at the University of Sydney, 2017 
Bianchino, G., “Simulation and Dissimulation: Memes at the Limits of Irony” Paper presented at ANZCA Media Conference, 2017
Bianchino, G., “Faith and Fidelity: Kierkegaard via Badiou on The Problem of the Exception” Paper presented at Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy, 2016

Previous Education
College / University attended: University of New South Wales, Sydney
Degree awarded: M.A., B.A.