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Basil Lvoff Василий Львов
Program: Comparative Literature
Areas of Concentration: Russian and Western literary theory, including Russian Formalism, the Bakhtin Circle, Marshall McLuhan, and Distant Reading; literary evolution; poetics; essayism; documentary film and literature
Languages and Literatures: Russian, English, French, Italian
Country of origin: Russia

“Distant Reading in Russian Formalism and Russian Formalism in Distant Reading.” Russian Literature. Forthcoming.
“Sense and Humor in Russian Formalism. Part II.” International Studies in Humour. Forthcoming.
“The Odyssey of Viktor Shklovsky: Life after Formalism.” In Viktor Shklovsky’s Heritage in Literature, Arts, and Philosophy, edited by Slav N. Gratchev and Howard Mancing, 27–39. New York: Lexington Books, 2019.
“Vozvrashchenie formalizma” [The Return of Formalism]. Review of Formal’nyi metod: Antologiia russkogo modernizma, ed. Serguei A. Oushakine. Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie 157 (2019): 60–63.
“Viktor Shklovsky and Marshall McLuhan: Beyond Common Sense.” New Zealand Slavonic Journal 49-50 (2015-2016 [2018]): 1–30.
“Sense and Humor in Russian Formalism. Part I.” International Studies in Humour 1 (2017): 53–80.
“Young Eikhenbaum” [Molodoi Eikhenbaum]. Voprosy Literatury 6 (2016): 48–65.

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“Young Eikhenbaum” [Molodoi Eikhenbaum]. Voprosy Literatury 6 (2016): 48–65.

“Merry Formalism” [Veselyi formalizm]. Homo Legens 4 (2015): 154–163.

“Viktor Shklovsky’s Petersburg: Magazine as a Feuilleton” [“Peterburg” V. Shklovskogo: Zhurnal kak fel’eton]. Mediaalmanac 5 (2014): 74–83.

“Andrei Bely and Boris Eikhenbaum: ‘Along the Lines of Journal Scholarship’” [Andrei Belyi i Boris Eikhenbaum: Po linii zhurnal’noi nauki]. Mediaalmanac 6 (2013): 128–136.

“By Way of Dispute” [V diskussionnom poriadke]. Voprosy Literatury 2 (2012): 9–29.

“Automatized Defamiliarization: A Critical Essay” [Avtomatizovannoe ostranenie: Kriticheskoe esse]. Zhurnalistika i kul’tura russkoi rechi 1 (2013): 58–65.
“Canon Formation in its Relation to Strangeness: Russian Formalism and Harold Bloom” [Literaturnyi kanon i poniatie strannosti: Russkii formalizm i Kherold Blum]. Zhurnalistika i kul’tura russkoi rechi 2 (2012): 86–103.
“Defamiliarization in Prose and Creative Journalism” [Ostranenie v proze i publitsistike]. Zhurnalistika i kul’tura russkoi rechi 3 (2011): 47–53.

“The Concept of Defamiliarization in the Works of Viktor Shklovsky” [Poniatie ostraneniia u V.B. Shklovskogo]. Zhurnalistika i kul’tura russkoi rechi 2 (2009): 22–32.
“Poetry of John Donne and Joseph Brodsky: A Survey” [Poeziia Dzhona Donna i Iosifa Brodskogo: Kratkii Obzor]. Zhurnalistika i kul’tura russkoi rechi 4 (2009): 27–38.

“Hyperinflation of the Word” [Giperinfliatsiia slova]. Zhurnalistika i kul’tura russkoi rechi 3 (2008): 34–40. (An article on the language of Soviet newspapers of Stalin’s era.)

“A Conceptual Analysis of the Notion of Patriotism in the Essays of Leo Tolstoy” [Kontseptual’nyi analiz poniatiia patriotizm v publitsistike L.N. Tolstogo]. Zhurnalistika i kul’tura russkoi rechi 3 (2007): 24–32.
“The Sins of Art” [Grekhi iskusstva]. Zvezda 12 (2019). (“The Sins of Art” is a collection of theoretical essays on reading, particularly Russian classical authors inducing Leo Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky.)
“Life and Me” [Byt i ia]. Novy Zhurnal / The New Review 295 (2019): 195-198. (A collection of poems.)
“Meanwhile, the Horses Flock Migrating Southward” [A loshadi sletaiutsia na iug]. Novy mir 11 (2018): 26-31. (A multilingual collection of poems.)
“Pun-Theism.” Gastarbajter. Slavic Diaspora Magazine 2 (2020). Forthcoming. (A multilingual collection of poems and essays.)
“The Invisible Hand of the Artist.” Gastarbajter. Slavic Diaspora Magazine 1 (2019): 19-24. (A bilingual collection of essays and poems.)
“‘Kuda zh nam plyt’?’ A Civic Elegy, or an Oration upon Putin’s Return of Crimea.” Syndic Literary Journal 21 (2019).
“On Laughter’s Liberty and Tears’ Tenor.” Subterranean Deliriums – Literatura Sin Fronteras. Winter 2018.
Translations of Lydia Chukovskaya, Velimir Khlebnikov, and others. National Translation Month (2020). Forthcoming.
“Past Starshine, Star Signs, Planets: 4 Russian Poets Translated by Basil Lvoff.” National Translation Month (2019). (Translations of the poems by Evgeny Baratynsky, Fedor Tyutchev, Osip Mandelstam, and Marina Tsevataeva.)
“Five Memorable Russian Poems.” National Translation Month (2017). (Translations of the poems by Robert Rozhdestvensky, Konstantin Balmont, Afanasy Fet, Fedor Tyutchev, and Ivan Turgenev.)
Brodsky, Joseph. “For School-Age Children.” Trans. Basil Lvov. Inventory 5 (2015): 4–5.
Previous Education
College / University attended: Lomonosov Moscow State University