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Italian Specialization

The Ph. D. Program in Comparative Literature expanded and formalized its Italian Doctoral Specialization in 1995. Since then, students have been able to follow a course of study that enables them to develop specific competence in all periods of Italian literature and in Italian linguistics. At the same time, the Italian Doctoral Specialization stresses the importance of a comparative basis of inquiry and analysis. Graduates of this program are trained to study and teach Italian within an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective. They are also trained to master traditional and contemporary theory and critical methods as well as to acquire a thorough knowledge of rhetorical conventions that transcend national cultures.

Trained under the careful supervision of senior colleagues in the CUNY college system, students will teach Italian at elementary and intermediate levels. Graduates will thus be thoroughly equipped to meet the demands of today's academic market and to further the study of the Italian language and literature in North America. The Italian Doctoral Specialization faculty includes:

Monica Calabritto
Early modern Italian, English and French literature; Emblem Studies; history of medicine

Clare Carroll
Renaissance Literature

Paolo Fasoli
16th and 17th century Italian Literature

Hermann Haller
Italian linguistics and dialectology

Giancarlo Lombardi
19th and 20th century Italian, French, English, and American Literature; Film and Literary Theory; Cultural Studies; Gender Studies

Eugenia Paulicelli
Italian Literature and the visual arts; Gender Studies; Cultural Studies

Paola Ureni
Dante; Medieval Philosophy, Medicine, and Italian Literature


Italian specialization of faculty in other Graduate Center Ph.D. programs include:

Emily Braun, Art History
Modern Italian Art and Fascist Culture, Renaissance Architecture

Sandy Cooper, History
Peace Movements, Women's History

Mary Gibson, History
Modern Italy, European Women's History

Michael Mallory, Art History
Italian Renaissance Art

Antonella Pelizzari, Art History
19th and 20th century Italian photography

James Saslow, Art History
Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture

Romy Golan, Art History
20th Italian art in its European context

Monica Calabritto

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