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Latin/Greek Institute
The Latin/Greek Institute of The City University of New York is a collaborative effort of the Graduate Center and Brooklyn College. The Institute offers intensive, total-immersion programs in ancient languages during the summer that enable serious, highly motivated high school, undergraduate, and graduate students to cover the material normally included in several semesters of conventional work in a single summer. See also, Professor Hansen's Greek Composition Page

Classical Associations

The American Philological Association. National professional organization of American classicists. Best e-mail directory of classicists. Information on annual meetings. Job listings.

AAH Association of Ancient Historians

ACL American Classical League

AIA Archaeological Institute of America

American Society of Papyrologists

CAAS Classical Association of the Atlantic States

Classical Association of Canada

CAMWS Classical Association of the Mid West and South

The New York Classical Club

The Women's Classical Caucus

Undergraduate Latin and Greek Programs

Brooklyn College
Classics Department
Prof. Liv Yarrow, Chair
Brooklyn College Classics Web Site.

Hunter College
Dept. of Classical and Oriental Studies
Prof. Tamara Green, Chair
Hunter College Classics Web Site.

Queens College
Dept. of Classical, Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Cultures
Prof. Joel Lidov, Classics Coordinator
Queens College Classics Web Site.

Other Resources

A Job Market Handbook, by Professor Joy Connolly, NYU

Classics Area Subject Guide, by Michael Handis