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The Ph.D. Program in Classics at The Graduate Center aims for students to achieve mastery of the languages, literatures, and civilization of the Greco-Roman world, with special emphasis on teaching and conducting original research. In its course offerings the program emphasizes the study of Greek and Latin literature and intellectual history. Students can choose to concentrate their studies in ancient history or classical philology.

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En-Route Degree Options for Doctoral Students

Master of Arts (M.A.)
When a student has completed 45 credits and has passed the First Examination and one modern language exam, s/he may submit a research paper to the Executive Officer and receive an MA degree.

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)
When a student has completed 60 credits including all required courses, passed the Second Examination and both modern language exams, s/he may advance to candidacy and receive the M. Phil. degree by application to the Office of the Registrar.

Doctoral Certificates
While also working towards a Ph.D. in Classics, students can choose to complete a Certificate Program in one of the following interdisciplinary fields: African Studies, Critical Theory, Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies, Women's Studies and Interactive Technology and Pedagogy.