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Students in the Ph.D. and M.A. Programs in Classics at The Graduate Center achieve mastery of the languages, literatures, and civilization of the Greco-Roman world.

Degrees Offered

Ph.D. in Classics
Full Time
Two concentrations available

M.A. in Classics
Full Time/Part Time

Admissions Deadlines

December 15 for Fall Enrollment (Ph.D.)

April 15 for Fall Enrollment (M.A.)



The Graduate Center’s Classics Program offers students rigorous training in Latin and Ancient Greek, with a focus on research, teaching and professional development. Though our unique consortium with NYU and Fordham, Ph.D. and M.A. students can take all available classics courses at the three universities and have access to their libraries and special programs.

We cultivate an inclusive climate and encourage the study of antiquity from diverse perspectives. Students engage in scholarship with faculty who are affiliated with campuses throughout CUNY, and they often teach CUNY’s remarkably diverse students.

The Classics Program emphasizes the study of Greek and Latin literature and intellectual history. Ph.D. students can choose to concentrate their studies in ancient history or classical philology.


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The Classics Program prioritizes professional development and experience in the areas of advanced teaching and research skills. The program facilitates adjust instructor placements and offers teacher training courses for students interested in pursuing a teaching career, and encourages interdisciplinary research via required dissertation and thesis projects which are conducted in close collaboration with the program’s expert faculty.


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Students in the Ph.D. program conduct original research that they present at professional conferences all over the world. In recent years, students have presented or published papers via the Society for Classical Studies, the Classical Association of the Midwest and South, the Classical Association of the Atlantic States, the Classical Association of New England, and in other scholarly settings such as Newcastle University (UK) and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.


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Crucial facets of graduate-level study in Classics at The Graduate Center are a commitment to ethical practices in teaching and research, a consideration of the role that Classics study plays in our broader culture, and a focus on diversifying the field and our understanding of it. We seek students willing and eager to ask difficult questions, explore complicated topics, and contribute positively to the field at large.


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The Classics Program works actively to match students with appropriate sources of financial support. Incoming Ph.D. students are automatically considered for five-year fellowships offered by The Graduate Center, and all students can pursue additional fellowships, grants and awards to help defray costs associated with their research or other academic activities.

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