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With more faculty than there are elements on the modern periodic table, the Ph.D. Program in Chemistry offers its students a diversity of options for graduate research. Current research encompasses the full-spectrum of chemical science including analytical, biological, computational, environmental, inorganic, organic, polymer, materials, physical and theoretical chemistries.  Interdisciplinary areas of research including nanoscience, structural biology, molecular biophysics, bioinorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, radiochemistry, medicinal chemistry and surface science and are also well represented by multiple faculty.  The scale of our faculty aids students in finding the best research mentor and provides a rich resource of chemical expertise to advise and assist students in developing their science. 

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Andrzej Jarzecki
Theoretical Chemistry and Biochemistry
David Jeruzalmi
Molecular Biophysics
Shi Jin
Polymer Chemistry
Andrei Jitianu
Inorganic Chemistry and Material Science
George John
Organic Materials, Bio-Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry
Laura J. Juszczak
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Akira Kawamura
Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry
Daniel Keedy
Structural Biology of Intramolecular Signaling
Edward Kennelly
Natural Products Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and biochemistry
Reza Khayat
Molecular Biophysics
Frida Kleiman
Mark Kobrak
Physical Chemistry
Ali Kocak
Analytical Chemistry
Ronald Koder
Molecular Biophysics
Glen Kowach
Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Nanotechnology & Material Science
Ilona Kretzschmar
Nanotechnology and Material Science
Michal Kruk
Polymer Chemistry and Nanotechnology and Materials Chemistry
Thomas Kubic
Analytical Chemistry
Sanjai Kumar Pathak
Bioorganic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Thomas Kurtzman
Physical Chemistry
Mahesh Lakshman
Organic Chemistry
Themis Lazaridis
Computational biophysical chemistry
Jianbo Liu
Physical and Analytical Chemistry
John Lombardi
Analysis of Structures and Interfaces
Gustavo Lopez
Physical Chemistry
Sharon Loverde
Polymer Chemistry
Alan Lyons
Nanoscience and Polymer Chemistry
Richard Magliozzo
Inorganic, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Neepa Maitra
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Prabodhika Mallikaratchy
Bioanalytical Chemistry, Biomaterials, Biochemistry
Eugene Mananga
Controlling spin dynamics in solid-state NMR
Mateusz Marianski
Theoretical chemistry, physical chemistry
Louis Massa
Physical Chemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Hiroshi Matsui
Biomaterials and Nanochemistry
Donna McGregor
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry Education
Panayiotis Meleties
Organic Chemistry
Robert Messinger
Energy materials, batteries, electrochemistry, polymers
Aneta Mieszawska
Analytical, Nanotechnology, and Inorganic Chemistry
Pamela Mills
Physical Chemistry
Michael Mirkin
Analytical Chemistry and Nanotechnology and Material Science
David Mootoo
Organic Chemistry
Ryan Murelli
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Daniele Musumeci
Materials chemistry, pharmaceuticals
Fred Naider
Polymer Chemistry, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Robert Nolan
Analytical Chemistry
Stephen O'Brien
Naphtali O'Connor
Organic and Polymer Chemistry
Ralf Peetz
Polymer and Materials Chemistry
Sebastien Poget
Polymer Chemistry, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Adam Profit
Biophysical, Molecular Biophysics, and Physical Chemistry
Displaying results 51-100 (of 128)
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