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Ronald Birke
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: City College of New York
Phone: 212-650-8363
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph. D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; PostDoc, University of Brussels, Belgium
Research Interests: Analytical and Physical Chemistry
Research Interests:

Professor Brike’s research activities involve the investigation of electrochemical systems of interest in biochemical redox processes , in energy conversion such as solar to electrical energy ( electrochemical solar cells ) , chemical to electrical energy ( fuel cells), and electrical to chemical energy ( electrosynthesis), and in molecular electronics such as molecules bound to Ag or Au metal clusters. Another area of interest is in the redox and complexation reactions which take place at the active sites of enzymes, especially those enzymes which contain iron porphyrins and vitamin B12 compounds as prosthetic groups.

Selected Publications:

Faria, P. A., R. L., Chen, X., W., and Lombardi, J. R., Birke, R. L., Langmuir, 16 , 394 (2000) , A Surface-Enhanced Raman and ab Initio Study of Spectra of Lumazine Molecules click here to view the Document
Zheng, D. , and Birke, R. L, J. Am Chem. Soc,123 , 437 (2001) , Spectroscopic Evidence for Nitric Oxide Binding with Cob(II)alamin click here to view the Document

Vivoni, A., Birke, R. L, and Lombardi, J. R., , Spectrochimica Acta, part A , 57 , 535 (2001), " Optimization of Force Constants with a Urey-Bradley Force Field Avoiding Normal Mode Crossings".

 Mileykovskaya, E., Dowhan, W., Birke, R. L., Zheng, D., Lutterodt, L. , and Haines, T. H. , " FEBS Let., 507 , 187 (2001),   "Cardiolipin binds to nonyl acridine orange by aggregating the dye at exposed hydrophobic domains on bilayer surfaces