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Faculty Book: John Waldman

John Waldman

Heartbeats in the Muck: A Dramatic Look at the History, Sea Life, and Environment of New York Harbor (rev. ed.)
(Fordham University Press, 2012)

Forty years after the Clean Water Act began to resurrect New York Harbor, John Waldman has delivered a new edition of his New York Society Library Award–winning book tracing the arc of the harbor’s environmental history from pristine estuary to pollution-choked dump. This lively, accessible narrative of the animals, water quality, and habitats of the harbor includes accounts of the author’s explorations of a shad camp near the George Washington Bridge; the Arthur Kill; the Hackensack Meadowlands; and the Gowanus Canal. A new epilogue details some of the remarkable changes in recent years: ultimately, environmental awareness and action has allowed the harbor to begin cleaning itself. Although it will never regain its native biological glory, the return of oysters, herons, and a host of other creatures is an indication of New York Harbor’s rebirth. John Waldman (Prof., Queens) is on the doctoral faculty in biology and earth and environmental sciences.

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Submitted on: OCT 31, 2012

Category: Biology | Earth and Environmental Sciences | Faculty Books