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Michael Bergen
Campus Affiliation: Brooklyn College
Phone: 718-951-5186
Degrees/Diplomas: Au.D., The Graduate Center, M.S., Brooklyn College, Audiology CCC-A B.A., Queens College, Communication Disorders
Research Interests: Clinical Audiology, supervision, counseling
Academic Title: Director, Brooklyn College Speech-Language-Hearing Center

Academic Affiliation: Brooklyn College, The Graduate Center of CUNY

Alternate Email Address:

Primary Teaching Areas:  Instrumentation, Clinical Audiology

Selected Publications:

  • Neave-DiToro, D., Fuse, A., & Bergen, M. (2018). Law Enforcement Interactions: The Role of Communication Sciences and Disorders Professionals. Communication Disorders Quarterly.
  • Fuse, A. and Bergen, M. (2018) "The Role of Support Systems for Success of Underrepresented Students in Communication Sciences and Disorders," Teaching and Learning in Communication Sciences & Disorders: Vol. 2 : Iss. 3 , Article 3. Available at:
  • Neave-DiToro, D., DeSantolo, A., Bergen, M., & Rubinstein, A. (2018). Accounting for the Occlusion Effect with Insert Earphones. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology.
  • Neave-DiToro, D., Bergen, M (2017), Mock Interviews –Volunteerism Contributes to the Future. The Communicator, 47(4), 13-14
  • Bergen, M. (2016), “A Conversation with Dr. Barbara Weinstein, PhD, CCC-A: Audiology Quality Measurement in Adults”, The Communicator, 46(2), 16-18
  • Bergen, M. (2015), “Are Two Ears Better Than One?”, The Communicator, 45(1), 15-16
  • Online Hearing Aids: A Threat?  A Trend?, NYSSLHA Communicator, July 2012 issue.
  • Fourth Year AuD Students- Billing, Dispensing, Licensing in NYS, NYSSLHA Communicator, July 2011 issue.
  • From the President’s Desk, NYSSLHA Communicator, 2011. Four issues: Jan, Apr, July, Oct-Dec
  • 2007 “Brooklyn College Celebrates 75 Years” ASHA Leader (Vol 12, No. 17 Dec 26, 2007, co-author
  • 2004 ASHA Audiology Scope of Practice., January (2004), co-author
  • 2003, “Audiology Scope of Practice Expands as Profession Grows”, ASHA Leader (Vol 8, No 6 April 1, 2003), author. 

Works in Progress:

  • ASD and Hearing
  • Manuscript on immittance


  • Au.D., Graduate Center, CUNY
  • ​M.S., Brooklyn College, Audiology
  • B.A., Queens College, Communication Disorders


New York State Speech Language Hearing Association (NYSSLHA)

  • Elected – President for 2011 term (President-Elect, 2010, Immediate Past President 2012)
  • Elected – Vice President of Audiology for terms 2008-9, 2006-7
  • Assistant Editor, The Communicator, 2014-current
  • Chair, Audiology Advisory Committee 2013-2014
  • Chair, Task Force for Use of Audiology Assistants, 2009
  • Elected to Board of Directors – Director of Audiology, and
Member of Executive Council for two terms 2003-4, 2005-6
  • Convention Program Committee Chair, Audiology 2014, 2008, 2007, 2004, 1996, Student Affairs 2013
  • Recipient of Distinguished Service Award - Awarded April 2008
  • Member, Student Convention Planning Committee, 2016-2017
  • Member, Education Committee, Ethics Committee, 2016-2017
  • Member, Governmental Affairs Committee 2017-current
  • Member since 1994
American Speech, Language, Hearing Association (ASHA)
  • Audiology Advisory Council Member (representing NYS), 2018
  • Praxis Examination committee, 2005-2009
  • Vice President for Professional Practices Coordinating
Committee Member for 2002-2003 (review of practice standards)
  • Panel Member, Praxis Exam validation study, Rockville, MD - June, 2002
  • Member since October 1990 (NSSLHA 1990-1993, ASHA 1993-current).
  • Award for Continuing Education (ACE), 2004-
  • Continuing Education Administrator for Brooklyn College, 2010-current
 American Academy of Audiology (AAA)
  • Member, State Leaders Committee, 2003-2013
  • Member, 1997-current
Brooklyn College Alumni Association
  • Member, Board of Directors 2012-current
  • Chair, BCAA Student Awards Committee, 2015-current
  • Member, Nominations Committee, 2017-current
New York City Speech, Hearing and Language Association (NYCSHLA)
  • Member, 2000-2014 (association now defunct)
  • Recipient of Clinician of the Year Award - Awarded June 2001
Committee on Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Member, 2004-current
  • Member, Joint Committee of CSAP-CAPCSD, 2006-2011
Greater New York Council of Academic Clinical Educators in
Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Board Member, 2004-current
  • Co-chair,  Nominations Committee 2018-current
  • Member, By-laws committee 2018-19
 Brooklyn Trends Report Advisory Committee, Center for the Study of Brooklyn
  • Member, 2010-2014
Recipient of “Favorite Teacher Award” Brooklyn College Annual Award as voted by students in Dept. of SCAS.  Awarded February 2007, February 2008
Selected Presentations and Committees
NYSSLHA Convention May, 2019. Student Poster Committee Chair

Brooklyn College 23rd Annual Faculty Day Conference May, 2019. Poster “SOCIAL SKILLS:  Identification – Education – Implementation – Celebration” (with Bohne) and Poster  “Law Enforcement Interactions: The Role of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Professionals” (with Fuse and DiToro)

ASHA Storywall, May 2019 – Featured for Better Hearing & Speech Month:

ASHA Convention 2019 Leadership and Professional Issues Program Topic Committee. 2018-2019

Brooklyn College 22nd Annual Faculty Day Conference May, 2018. Poster (with S. Bohne): “The DRD Speech Language Hearing Center”
Brooklyn College 21st Annual Faculty Day Conference May, 2017. Poster (with A. Fuse): Career Paths and Challenges of Students From Diverse Backgrounds in Communication Sciences and Disorders
NYSSLHA Convention April, 2017.  Roundtable Facilitator:  Professional Issues in Audiology
ASHA Convention November, 2016. Poster:  Identifying Factors to Increase Diversity in Graduate Programs in Communication Sciences & Disorders
ASHA Convention November, 2016.  Poster:  Recruitment & Retention of Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Undergraduate Students in Communication Sciences & Disorders
Brooklyn College 19th Annual Faculty Day Conference May, 2015. Poster: Diversity Initiatives in Communication Sciences and Disorders
BCNSSLHA/Sigma Alpha Eta Student Group, “Graduate Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders.” Annually 2008-2017
HLAA Lectures, Manhattan Chapter, “Ask the Audiologist Panel”, May 2014, “Unlocking the Audiogram”, January 2010
Brooklyn Family Support Fair, Lecture, May 2010
NYSSLHA 2017 Convention (Saratoga)
Student Resources Committee
NYSSLHA 2014 Convention (Saratoga)
Chair, Diagnostic, Rehabilitative and Educational Audiology Committee
Grants and Funding Awarded*
2019-2020            Brooklyn College Student Technology Fee Fund Proposal, $14,083 to support student-faculty research laboratory
2018-2022          NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. $165,000 for a “Grant to Develop a Specialization in Early Intervention in Speech-Language Pathology at Brooklyn College.” Principal investigator.
2018-19               Brooklyn College Student Technology Fee Fund Proposal, $24,342 to support student-faculty research laboratory
2016-current      (pending, under review) Speech-Language and Hearing Education at Brooklyn College and Lehman College: A Collaborative Effort to Connect Students and the Community to the Workforce
This proposal seeks to expand and create innovative programs in speech, language and hearing sciences and education through collaboration between Brooklyn College and Lehman College. The capital project focusing on clinic rehabilitation at both sites will result in expanded clinical laboratory activities, health-care technology, and enhanced education at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. It will also seek to create continuing education programs for collaborative interprofessional preparation for workforce development. The proposal team is being led by Dr. Michael Bergen (Director, Brooklyn College Speech Language Hearing Center) at Brooklyn College with the Lehman College team led by Dr. Stephen Cavallo (Chair, Lehman College Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences) with additional administrative oversight and support provided by Dr. William Tramontano (former Provost, Brooklyn College) and Dr. Bill Latimer (former Dean, Lehman College).  Total Costs:  $12,300,000.00
2016-2017          NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. $35,000 for a project to develop curriculum in early intervention. Co-investigator: Elaine Geller
2015-2016            CUNY Office of Academic Affairs, $20,000 for the project “Design, Development and Implementation of an Interprofessional Education Program.” Co-investigator: Elaine Geller
2014-15               Brooklyn College Student Technology Fee Fund Proposal, $50,000 for development of Student-Faculty Research Laboratory
2013-current      NYC Department of Education B2298, $130,000, Clinical Grant for Related Services by Additional Tertiary Vendors.
2014-15               PSC-CUNY Grant, $3000, Recruitment and Retention of Undergraduate Students in Communication Sciences and Disorders, co-investigator

2013                      Brooklyn College Student Technology Fee Fund Proposal, $49,500 for development of Student-Faculty Research Laboratory
2010 ASHA State Association Grant, $3000
2010 Brooklyn College Student Technology Fee Fund Proposal, $41,000 for  development of Student-Faculty Research Laboratory 

*grants awarded while Director of the Speech Language Hearing Center, and secured as co-applicant with department chair and/or program director, and with assistance of the Brooklyn College administration; grants awarded from ASHA for state association were jointly submitted with NYSSLHA Executive Director