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Arrivals and Departures

Welcome New Students (Fall 2015)

Ana Capellin Ortega
Glenn Kolyer
Elizabeth Meade

Cultural Anthropology:
Hazal Corak
Claudia Crowie
Michael Elster
Nicholas Glastonbury
Vladimir Gurewich  
Shima Houshyar
Zehra Husain  
Omnia Khalil
Brenna McCaffrey
Sheehan Moore  
Ana Flavia Pulsini Louzada Badue 
Nandini Ramachandran
Faruk Seref  
Linguistic Anthropology:
Misty Crooks
Michael Mena 
Physical Anthropology:
Andrea DeRenzis
Katarina Evans
Zane Swanson

Congratulations Recent Graduates (May 2015 Commencement)

Maggie Dickinson
Consuming Poverty: The Unexpected Politics of Food Aid in an Era of Austerity
Eva Christine Garrett
Was there a Sensory Trade-Off in Primate Evolution? The Vomeronasal Groove as a Means of Understanding the Vomeronasal System in the Fossil Record
Harmony Goldberg
Our Day has Finally Come: Domestic Worker Organizing in New York City
Rodolfo Hernandez-Corchado
“My People is a People on its Knees”: Mexican Labor Migration from the Montana Region and the Formation of a Working Class in New York City
Mehmet Baris Kuymulu
Claiming the Right to the City: Towards the Production of Space from Below
Andres Leon
Rebellion under the Palm Trees: Memory, Agrarian Reform, and Labor in the Aguan, Honduras
Philippe Richard Marius
Privilege in Haiti: Travails in Color of the First Bourgeois Nation-State in the Americas
Anthony Santino Pagano
The Development and Function of the Nasopharynx and its Role in the Evolution of Primate Respiratory Abilities

Kareem Rabie
Palestine is Throwing a Party and the Whole World is Invited: Private Development and State Building in the Contemporary West Bank
John Clark Salyer
Law without Recognition: The Lack of Judicial Discretion to Consider Individual Lives and Legal Equities in United States Immigration Law
Preeti Sampat
Right to Land and the Rule of Law: Infrastructure, Urbanization and Resistance in India
Kaja Tretjak
Millennial Libertarians: The Rebirth of a Movement and the Transformation of U.S. Political Culture

Welcome New Faculty

In Spring 2015 six new faculty members were appointed to the Anthropology Doctoral Program through the periodic Faculty Review process.  They will expand the expertise of the program in new and vital directions.

Welcome to:

Andrea Baden (Physical Anthropology, Hunter College)
Stephen Chester (Physical Anthropology, Brooklyn College)
Ismael García-Colón (Cultural Anthropology, College of Staten Island)
Felicia Madimenos (Physical Anthropology, Queens College)
Karine Taché (Archaeology, Queens College)
Patricia Tovar (Cultural Anthropology, John Jay College)