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Anna Akasoy, Comparative Literature, History
Islamic intellectual history; history of philosophy and science; history of falconry, hunting and veterinary medicine; cultural and religious contacts; entangled and global history

Herman Bennett, History
African diaspora, with a focus on Latin American history; race and ethnicity in the colonial world; presence of African slaves and freedmen in Mexican society during the colonial period and on the consequent interaction between Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans in colonial Mexico.

Barbara Bowen, English
Feminism and materialist theory and criticism; early modern period, especially Shakespeare and women writers; postcolonial literature and theory

Monica Calabritto, Comparative Literature
The relationship between literature and medicine from Antiquity to the twentieth century; Renaissance and early modern comparative literature (Italian/English/French); emblem studies; Renaissance Italian epic; medicine and law in early modern Italy.

Marvin Carlson, Theatre; Comparative Literature
Dramatic theory and Western European theatre history and dramatic literature

Clare Carroll, Comparative Literature
Critical theory; comparative epic; early modern colonialization; Humanism; 16th century Italian literature

Raquel Chang-Rodríguez, Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Literatures
Colonial literary studies with an emphasis on the Andean area

Sarah Covington, History
Early Modern Britain and Ireland; martydom, memory, Reformation

Joseph Dauben, History
History of science, history of mathematics; the Scientific Revolution; sociology of science; intellectual history, 17-18th centuries

Mario DiGangi, English                                    
Early modern period, especially the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries; gender and sexuality in the Renaissance; historicism in Renaissance studies

Martin Elsky, English; Comparative Literature
Early modern literature and history; Elizabethan/Jacobean print culture and the emergence of authorship; Renaissance language theory; 17th-century religious lyric; early modern trans-Atlanticism

Paolo Fasoli, Comparative Literature
16th and 17th Italian literature, in particular lyric poetry of Chiabrera and Marino, and the prose novel (from Pietro Aretino to the Baroque). Relationships between the Italian "Proto-Libertine" experience (Ferrante Pallavicino, the Accademia degli Incogniti) and the further developments of the Libertine movement in Europe. Late-Renaissance and early-Baroque literary theory and history of metrics and versification.

William G. Fisher, English
The literature and culture of early modern England; the history of sexuality, especially bisexuality; the history of pornography; debates about nature vs. nurture; early modern ideas about gender; the history of intersexuality; history of transexuality; history of fashion; early modern cultural studies.

Hermann Haller, Comparative Literature
Italian; Romance linguistics
Allison KaveyHistory
Renaissance and early modern history of natural philosophy, cultural and intellectual history, history of medicine, history of gender and sexuality

Erec R. Koch, French
Pascal and Jansenism; the history and theory of rhetoric; French Classical theater; the French moralists; early modern philosophy and the history of ideas; theories of the passions; the representation of the body

Erika T. Lin, Theatre and Performance
Specializes in early modern English theatre and culture with particular attention to embodied performance, affect, spectacle, and audience. Her research examines dramatic texts, performance theory, and theatre historiography by incorporating approaches from many fields, including literature, social history, visual culture studies, anthropology, religion, and the history of science. In addition, she has written and taught on topics related to medieval theatre, gender and sexuality, the history of dance, folklore and popular culture, and Asian American studies.

José Miguel Martínez Torrejón, Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures
Medieval and Renaissance Spanish and Portuguese Literature, Textual criticism, philological and rhetorical analysis. History of Ideas. Literature and Politics. Colonial Historiography. Hispano-Portuguese relations

Richard McCoy, English
Late medieval and early modern periods; 16th- and 17th-century English literature; Skelton, More, Sidney, Shakespeare, Spenser, Milton; Renaissance and Reformation politics, religion, and culture; ritual and iconography; new historicism and cultural poetics.

Gerry Milligan, Comparative Literature 
Renaissance Italian literature, Gender Theory, Masculinity Studies, Performance Studies, Early Modern Theatre, Conduct Manuals

Tanya Pollard, English
Shakespeare; Renaissance drama; comparative drama; audience response; genre theory; history of medicine, the body, and emotions; classics and reception theory; feminism; cultural studies.

Bernd Renner, French
16th-Century Literature, Early Modern Literature, Satire, Dialogue and Dialogism, Rabelais, Montaigne, Clement Marot

Francesca Canadé Sautman, French
16th-century literature and ethnology; Francophone African literature; gender studies

Dennis Slavin, Music
15th century music; Binchois

Domna C. Stanton, French
17-century French literature and culture; Early-Modern
studies, women writers; critical theory, Feminist theory

Justin Steinberg, Philosophy
Early modern philosophy; Spinoza; Hobbes; history of political thought; history of ethics; emotions and moral psychology

Andrew Tomasello, Music
Historical musicology; French Ars Nova

John Van Sickle, Classics; Comparative Literature
Pastoral tradition; Latin poetry, epic-bucolic tradition
Emily Wilbourne, Music
17th-century music, gender studies

Amanda Wunder, Art History, History
Art and history of early modern Spain and the Iberian world; material culture, textiles, and fashion