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Affiliated Groups and Resources

The Renaissance Society of America (RSA)
Housed at Fordham University. RSA is the largest international organization devoted to the critical study of the world from 1300-1700. It's official journal Renaissance Quarterly engages multiple disciplines including: Americas, art and architecture, book history, classical tradition, comparative literature, digital humanities, emblems, English literature, French literature, Germanic literature, Hebraica, Hispanic literature, history, humanism, Islamic world, Italian literature, legal and political thought, medicine and science, music, Neo-Latin literature, performing arts and theater, philosophy, rhetoric, and women and gender.  CUNY faculty and doctoral students participate in the annual RSA conference. 

The Folger Institute
The Certificate Program in Global Early Modern Studies is the contact program for CUNY’s membership in the Folger Institute consortium, which meets at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC. CUNY doctoral students are eligible for funding to travel to, and participate in, Folger Institute seminars, colloquia, and conferences. 
Society for the Study of Women in the Renaissance (SSWR)
SSWR meets on the third Thursday of the month at the CUNY Graduate Center.  Meetings are structured to encourage lively discussion. To that end, speakers are asked to provide readings in advance of the meeting, if they wish, and to be informal in their presentation. Often they speak on work in progress. Announcements and readings are sent to members by email.

The Early Modern Interdisciplinary Group (EMIG)
A student-run organization, emphasizing connections between thought, culture, politics, society, language, and art, EMIG provides a forum for the exchange of ideas related to the period between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries.  In doing so, we hope to broaden not only our knowledge of the period, but our scholarly approaches as well. EMIG meets at The Graduate Center, CUNY during the academic year.

New York Resources for Renaissance Study
With its rich cultural resources, New York is especially suited to serve students interested in the Renaissance. In addition to the Mina Rees Library of The Graduate Center and the libraries of the eighteen CUNY college campuses, CUNY graduate students have access to a broad range of resources, including
New York Academy of Medicine Library
American Numismatic Society
Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library
Christoph Keller, Jr. Library
Hispanic Society of America, Museum and Library
Jewish Theological Seminary Library
Metropolitan Museum of Art: Museum, Libraries, and Research Resources
New York Public Library-Research Libraries
The Morgan Library & Museum
Union Theological Seminary--Burke Library