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"Dorothy Wickenden offered hours of her weekends working with me on a pitch for an investigative story, Sam Tanenhaus spent part of his Thanksgiving vacation editing a three thousand word book review I'd written, Dan Menaker edited an early draft of a personal history later published by GQ, and, weeks after the program had ended, Jonathan Landman helped me with an op-ed published by The New York Times."

From Nathan Thrall whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The New York Review of Books and GQ

"By April, when the program ended, my expectations had been exceeded when John Freeman, editor of Granta,bought one of my stories that had been workshopped in his class.  Through it had been made clear from the beginning that having access to rock star editors wasn't going to guarantee publication, this was a happy surprise that wouldn't have happened without the Writers Institute."

From Judith Chicurel whose story  appeared in GRANTA

"If you are lucky and work hard, these professional relationships will endure as you continue to write and to grow as a writer.  Already one very concrete benefit has come from my experience in the program:  after reading my book, Xing, out this October from Saturnalia Books, Jonathan Galassi endorsed it with a wonderful blurb."

From Debora Kuan whose forthcoming book XING will appear this October

"What contact [with many editors] does is demystify them, enabling you to reach them in ways that you otherwise might not. I remember the frustration I felt after the piece I e-mailed to an editor produced what sounded like a lukewarm response. But I also remember how listening to an editor’s advice made me want to persist, get back in touch, and after some minor revision, see my piece in The New York Times."

From Albert Fayngold who published in The New York Times