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The Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) positions the Graduate Center to advance the City University of New York’s commitment to becoming an international leader in science research and teaching. The ASRC also enhances scientific research throughout CUNY.

The center has attracted a new wave of highly accomplished scientists who, together with top student and faculty researchers from across CUNY, are pursuing visionary science that is of vital, real-world consequence.

ASRC Building

The 200,000 square-foot facility in upper Manhattan is designed to promote collaboration among scientists in five areas of global research: nanoscience, photonics, structural biology, neuroscience, and environmental sciences.

In addition to facilitating faculty-led research, the ASRC is home to high-end instrumentation that is used by leading science researchers throughout the world.

Goals of the ASRC:

  1. Investigate critical scientific/societal challenges
  2. Encourage interdisciplinary research and scholarship
  3. Promote community engagement and awareness
  4. Support student learning
  5. Develop solutions to benefit the people of New York and the larger community