How to Access Online Course Registration and Transcript Services

Services that are typically provided by The Gradate Center’s Registrar’s Office are available to students in CUNYfirst. Following are step-by-step instructions on how to obtain enrollment verifications and transcripts and how to withdraw from courses.

Enrollment Verifications and Unofficial Transcripts
Enrollment verifications are available through Student Center in your CUNYfirst account. Click on the My Academics on the landing page of your Student Center.

On the My Academics page, you can request your enrollment verification and access copies of your unofficial transcript. There is no charge for these services.

Official Transcripts
You can order your official transcript, which will be sent as a pdf file to the destination of your choice. For all pdf transcripts, there is a charge of $7 for the transcript itself and a processing fee of $2.30.

Course Withdrawals
Students may download the course withdrawal form from the Registrar’s Office website.

See the righthand column for downloadable forms. Students should fill out the form and email it to  
We will forward the completed form to the program for approval. Once the form is returned by the program with the necessary approval, we will post the withdrawal.

Submitted on: MAR 16, 2020

Category: Student News