Graduate Center/CCNY Physicist Makes Breakthrough in Light-Emitting Materials

Schematic of a half-light- half-matter quasiparticle based LED developed in Vinod Menon's group using atomically thin materials. Image credit: Visakh MenonGraduate Center professor and City College of New York Physics Department Chair Vinod Menon and his team have published a new paper detailing a significant breakthrough in the world of photonics. The team—which conducted their fabrication work at the Advanced Science Research Center at The Graduate Center, CUNY—demonstrated the creation of a light-emitting diode (LED) from a novel material consisting of light and matter quasiparticles. The breakthrough could facilitate a number of technological advances, including development of LiFi—a wireless, LED-based optical networking system that offers higher speeds than WiFi. Read more here.  

Submitted on: OCT 1, 2019

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