$1.2M Awarded to Intercontinental Study of Avian Egg Colors

Photo (Mark Hauber): Naturally blue eggs of song thrush with experimental dyed black egg

Mark E. Hauber, professor of biology and psychology at the Graduate Center and Hunter College, and a team of young investigators, all co-PIs, from the United States, New Zealand, and the Czech Republic, have won a $1.2 million Human Frontier Science Program Young Investigator Award for their study of birds’ eggs. The funding will enable doctoral students in biology and psychology based at the Hauber lab to conduct experimental studies on the structure and function of avian egg colors. The Human Frontier Science Program is an international funding agency, based in Strasbourg, France, that awards innovative grants to intercontinental collaborations doing research at the intersection of the physical and life sciences.

Submitted on: JAN 15, 2013

Category: Biology | Grants | Psychology