Graduate Center Grants, March through September 2012

From March through September 2012, the Graduate Center received eighty-two grants totaling more than $5,721,000. The listing below, for eighteen grants of $100,000 or more, provides the names of doctoral faculty members serving as principal investigators and their Graduate Center affiliations, the awarding agencies, the project titles, and the grant amounts. This information was submitted by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at the Graduate Center.

Paul Attewell (Center for Advanced Study in Education (CASE)), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, “The Role of Academic Momentum in and Degree Completion,” $113,299.

Paul Attewell (Sociology), National Science Foundation (NSF), “Building an inter-disciplinary research community to pro-type computationally-intensive analysis of large scale educational datasets,” $363,336.

Helen Birenbaum (Stanton/Heiskell Center for Public Policy in Telecommunications and Information Systems), Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, “Regents Prep Pilot,” $360,000.

Helen Birenbaum, Kim Rybacki (Stanton/Heiskell Center), Brady Education Foundation, “Project Stretch: Literacy, Learning, and Technology in Middle School,” $100,488.

Joshua Brown (Center for Media and Learning), HASTAC/University of California – Irvine, “Who built America? Badges for Teaching Disciplinary Literacy in History,” $174,790.

Howard Everson, John Verkuilen (CASE), NSF, “Flexible Tools for Assessment Against the Mathematics Common Core State Standards,” $137,690.

Michelle Fine (Center for Human Environments), New York State Education Department, “Student Success Centers,” $100,000; The New York City Department of Education, “Homebase Student Success Centers,” $100,000.

Janet Gornick (Luxembourg Income Study Center), NSF, “Advancing Research Using LIS Microdata by Enhancing LIS' Infrastructure: Upgrade of Metadata and Learning Tools,” $750,000.

Kathleen McCarthy (Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society), Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, “International Community Foundation Fellows Program 2012–2013,” $200,000.

Thomas McGovern (Anthropology), NSF, “RAPID Gardar Collaborative Rescue Project,” $199,017; NSF, “Comparative Island Ecodynamics Project,” $204,500.

Gillian T. Small (CUNY Central and CASE), NSF, “The CUNY Science Now GK–12 Program,” $598,972.

Lucien Szpiro, Victor Kolyvagin, Kenneth Kramer (Mathematics), NSF, “Collaborative Research: EMSW–Z1–RTG: Joint Columbia–CUNY–NYU Research Training Group in Number Theory,” $177,970.

Thomas Weiss (Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies), Government of Norway, “Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect: Norway,” $123,417; Government of Australia, “Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect: Australia II,” $343,630.

Thomas Weiss, Monica Serrano (Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies), Open Society Institute, “Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect,” $100,000; Permanent Mission of Denmark to the UN, “Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect,” $146,508.

Gary Wilder (Anthropology), Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, “Freedom Time: Negritude, Decolonization, and the Future of the World,” ($50,000); “New Directions Post-Fellowship,” ($50,000), $100,000.

Submitted on: NOV 20, 2012

Category: Grants