Press Release: June and July Public Programs

The City University of New York Graduate Center announces the following public programs to be held during the months of June and July at The Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street.

Monday, June 5

Celebrating 100 Years of Clifford Odets
(daytime film and symposium & evening celebration) 10 am-6 pm, 6:30-8 pm

Celebrating the 100th birthday of legendary playwright of the 1930s Clifford Odets, a day-long program will include a screening of the PBS film on the Group Theatre, a talk by Professor Morris Dickstein, and a symposium with theatre artists and academics. Later, an evening program will feature readings of scenes from Odets's plays, the film of Odets's last TV interview, and an excerpt from I Can't Sleep, Steve Lawson's adaptation of Odets's 1940 journal, The Time Is Ripe. Presented by the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center; for information and reservations, call 212-817-8215.  Free  

Thursday, June 8

Energy: Best Practices Meets the "End of Oil"
(panel discussion) 6-8 pm

As the state of the global supply of fuel becomes more uncertain, alternatives to fossil fuel are needed. Noted experts will share ideas about how green building can help New York City to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels—and prevent an energy shortage in the future. For information and reservations, contact 212-817-8215.  $10

Thursday, June 15

The American Theatre Wing’s Working in the Theatre Seminar

(discussion) 11:45 am

For 30 years, the American Theatre Wing, founder of the Tony Awards, has gathered the top professionals in the New York theatre scene—actors, directors, producers, authors, choreographers, and designers—to participate in its ongoing series of lively panel discussions on the art and business of theatre, an expansive and entertaining look into the creative process of theatre. Seminars will be broadcast on CUNY-TV.  To be admitted, arrive by 11:45am; for information and reservations, call 212-817-8215.  $10

Does Place Matter on the Lower East Side?
(panel discussion) 6:30-9 pm

Always in a class by itself, the Lower East Side is now beginning to look just like any other place, on the surface at least. At this discussion, presented by the Gotham Center for NYC History, scholars of the Lower East Side dig deep into the neighborhood's history. Speakers include: Harriet Cohen, Lower East Side housing activist and director of programs for the Lantern Group; Orlando Plaza, community activist, doctoral candidate at NYU, and owner of Camaradas Restaurant in el barrio, "a worker's public house where camaraderie is built"; John Kuo Wei Tchen, director of the Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program at NYU, author of New York Before Chinatown, co-founder of the Museum of Chinese in the Americas; Suzanne Wasserman, historian, documentary film maker, and associate director of the Gotham Center for NYC History.  Reservations required at 212-817-8215.  Free

Thursday, June 22

“Familiar Haunts”: Films of REEL
(film screening) 6:30 pm

REEL NEW YORK is PBS Channel Thirteen’s annual summer independent film and video festival.  Now in its 11th season REEL NEW YORK continues to explore the many facets of New York and the New York experience through the lens of local makers. This screening, presented by the Gotham Center for NYC History, is a preview of the series’ July 13 broadcast, “Familiar Haunts,” featuring three short films about unusual or abandoned places. Ghosts of Grey Gardens, directed Liliana Greenfield-Sanders, revisits the site of the Maysles brothers’ 1975 classic documentary, Grey Gardens. Under the Rollercoaster, directed by Lila Place,examines the true-life experience of one woman and her unique relationship to Coney Island, living under the famed Thunderbolt Roller Coaster. Grand Luncheonette, directed by Peter Sillen, documents the final days of one of 42nd Street’s unforgettable hot dog and lunch counters. Reservations required at 212-817-8215.  Free   

Monday, July 10

After the Fall: Reality and the New Romanian Theatre
An Evening with Playwright Gianina Carbunariu
(play reading & discussion) 6:30 pm

On two evenings in July, the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center will present readings of three of Romania's most promising young playwrights: Gianina Carbunariu, Bogdan Georgescu, and Vera Ion. Featured on July 10, Gianina Carbunariu is an award-winning playwright who is pursuing a master’s in playwriting at the National University of Theatre and Cinematography in Bucharest. Carbunariu’s plays have been produced in theatres in Romania and abroad since 2000. Readings will be directed by Marcy Arlin, Kaipo Schwab, and Daniela Varon. With discussion by Romanian theatre critic Iulia Popovici; Nicolae Mandea, professor of playwriting at the National University of Theatre & Cinematography, Romania; and dramaturg Saviana Stanescu; among others. Presented by the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center; for information and reservations, call 212-817-8215.  Free

Tuesday, July 11

After the Fall: Reality and the New Romanian Theatre
An Evening with Playwrights
Bogdan Georgescu and Veronica Ion
(play reading & discussion) 6:30 pm
See above for companion event.

Featured on July 11, Bogdan Georgescu is a Soros Open Society Fellow at the University of Vermont whose plays include D.W. and Romania, Kiss Me. Georgescu has received various awards, including First Prize for Playwriting from the Romanian Contest Tinere Condeie. Veronica Ion, also featured on this night, is a member of the Faculty of Theatre at the National University of Drama and Cinematography in Bucharest. Her plays include We Build the Future, Radical, A Sip of Sin, A Bit of Music, and Jimmy the Prophet.  She has won awards for her practical work in theatre, and published poetry in addition to plays. Presented by the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center; for information and reservations, call 212-817-8215.  Free

Submitted on: JUN 1, 2006

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