Stanley Renshon on The Thought Project Part 2 - Episode 89

The Graduate Center, CUNY · Stanley Renshon on The Thought Project Part 2 - Episode 89

Stanley Renshon is a professor of political science at Lehman College and The Graduate Center, CUNY. He is also a trained psychoanalyst who has used these skills in his examination of four U.S. presidents: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Donald J. Trump, whom Renshon examines in his latest book: The Real Psychology of the Trump Presidency.
In his first podcast, Renshon explained how a presidential scholar also trained in clinical psychology and who is a certified psychoanalyst “psychoanalyzes" a president like Mr. Trump from a distance.
In this second podcast, he explains what his research found. He notes, about the 45th president: “There literally are two presidencies going on. You could call the first one, president bombast, and that's the way to attempt to traduce tradition …  his demeanor is not what it should be and we think it ought to be for a president. But, on the other side, in a sense, hidden in plain sight, is the relentless serious presidency of Trump. He is really trying to get things done.”

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Submitted on: SEP 25, 2020

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