The Thought Project - Episode 38 - Interview with Ming Xia

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Photo of professor Ming XiaThe current U.S.-China relationship is characterized by a hot tariff war that is approaching a March 1 deadline. If not resolved is likely to result in the U.S. imposing even harsher penalties. This relationship has reached a new low with the recent arrest of the chief financial officer and deputy chair of Huawei, a major Chinese telecommunications firm, which is being sought by the U.S. Justice Department for illegal sales of projects to Iran and other countries in violation of U.S. expert and sanction laws. Professor Ming Xia of The Graduate Center and the College of Staten Island, CUNY remarked on the state of the U.S. China relationship in this recent podcast:  “I cannot say that it (US China economic relationship) is altered forever, but I can say the damage is huge. Also this change is not temporary. I believe it has a lot of structural factors involved. Because if you look at the whole thing, [these problems] do not come from President Trump alone…there is a big sea change.”

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Submitted on: JAN 9, 2019

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