The Thought Project - Episode 37 - Interview with Charles Tien

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Photo of Charles TienCharles Tien is a professor of political science at Hunter College and at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Tien is an Americanist whose research interests include Congress, quantitative research methods and representation of minorities and women in the U.S. Congress. Tien’s thoughts about the historical numbers of women elected to the Congress:  “This is a reaction I think to the politics of the last two years – the day after President Trump was sworn in you saw millions of women taking to the streets protesting all over the country, all over the world, in fact. I think that galvanized a lot of women to run for Congress, and this election cycle we saw more women than ever before file for candidacy; more women than ever before run in the general election and more women than ever before, seated in the Congress. They will make a big difference in the short run and the long run.”                

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Submitted on: NOV 9, 2018

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