The Thought Project - Episode 36 - Interview with Heath Brown

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Photo of Heath BrownHeath Brown, is an associate professor of public policy at the Graduate Center and John Jay College of Criminal Justice at CUNY. He obtained his Ph.D. in public administration and public policy at the George Washington University and a Masters’ degree from the GW Elliot School of International Affairs.  He is author of four books including Immigrants and Electoral Politics: Non Profit Organizing in a Time of Demographic Change; Pay to Play Politics: How Money Defines American Democracy and the Tea Party Divided: The Hidden Diversity of a Maturing Movement.  Brown said of the Florida race for the U.S. Senate: “While it feels like the world changes very quickly and that the Trump era has made it m feel like things are in total disarray, there are some things that persist. The very close race in Florida is evidence of that the electorate is evenly split, so evenly split that by the end of election night we frequently don’t know who is the ultimate winner.”
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Submitted on: NOV 8, 2018

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