The Thought Project - Episode 34 - Interview with Julie C. Suk

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Photo of Julie SukJulie C. Suk is dean for master’s programs and professor of sociology. She is a scholar of comparative law and society, with a focus on women in comparative constitutional law. She is most known for her recent work on renewed efforts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, in light of the theory and practice of gender equality provisions in constitutions around the world.

Suk said about the revival of the Equal Rights Amendment: “The ERA was one of the things that was on the agenda of the Women’s March (in 2017). And since then because of the rise of the Me Too movement, there is a general sense that that whatever law and politics we have right now, it’s not working for women and we need something more. A constitutional amendment, one that has been in our political and legal imaginary since 1923 and has really never not gone away. That constitutional amendment has a new interest and new discourse…”

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Submitted on: OCT 29, 2018

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