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  • Students and Graduates: Redirection of email is underway!

    Attention Students and Graduates: As of February 17th, email will no longer be received in your existing GC email account. All email, including official communication from the GC, will be... Read more

  • Recent Phishing Activity

    Attention GC Community, Please be aware that recently we have seen phishing attempts increasing both in sophistication and frequency, often mimicking legitimate Graduate Center resources in clever... Read more

  • Security Alert: University Employee Payroll Scam

    The FBI Internet Crime Center reports that university employees across the country are receiving fraudulent e-mails indicating a change in their human resource status so perpetrators can steal employee credentials and access direct deposit accounts. This alert outlines precautions that should be taken to protect yourself from this type of crime.
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  • Graduates: Office 365 Email Changes

    Attention Graduates: Now Live! To begin using your new Office 365 email account, please go to the address below and enter the credentials that were provided to you via your GC email... Read more

  • Student: Office 365 Email Changes

    Attention Graduate Center Students: To begin using your new Office 365 email account, please go to the address below and enter the credentials that were provided to you via your GC email... Read more

  • Fix for Mac users experiencing issue with Remote Computing access

    If you are a Mac user and have received this error message when attempting to login to the GC’s remote computing service (http://remote.gc.cuny.edu): “You have not chosen to trust... Read more

  • Change in IT Computer Classrooms Booking Procedures

    As of September 3, 2013 IT is relinquishing the bookings for the IT Computer Classrooms (C196.01, C196.02, C196.03, C415B and 6418) to Room Reservations. Requests for these spaces should be... Read more

  • Boston Marathon Bombing - Heightened Threat Level

    On Monday, 4/15/13 two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring more than 140.  The FBI and Boston Police Department are investigating various leads but as of now it is still unclear who might be responsible for the blast.  NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced this morning that while there is no known threat to New York City, NYPD is on heightened alert and is increasing its uniformed presence and taking other special precautions.  In addition, the Office of Security & Public Safety will step up perimeter patrols, paying special attention to parked vehicles and unattended packages.  
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  • SECURITY ALERT - Bicycle Part Thefts

    Recently there has been an increase in bicycle part thefts from the streets around our building. Wheels and seats from expensive bicycles are particularly attractive targets but any unsecured bike part is at risk. A recent inspection of bicycles parked in front of our building revealed that many were vulnerable to theft.  Read more

  • SECURITY ALERT - Emergency Procedures for Active Shooting Incidents

    The personal safety of students, staff, faculty and visitors is of primary importance at the Graduate Center.  In the wake of the school shooting at Newtown, Connecticut, we are once again reviewing our present security posture and emergency operation plans and will be looking at strategies to prevent such incidents from happening on our campus.

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