The Future of Online Learning: Anthony Picciano in ‘Inside Higher Ed’

In its coverage of the Online Learning Consortium's Accelerate conference, held earlier this month in Orlando, Florida, Inside Higher Ed featured Graduate Center Professor Anthony Picciano (Urban Education).

Picciano participated in the conference’s panel on higher education’s digital future, and Inside Higher Ed captured some of his comments.

As described in the article, Picciano discussed the development of online courses from their beginning as asynchronous, text-based offerings in the 1990s through today’s post-MOOC landscape.

He predicted that significant advances are on the way, thanks to innovations such as nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, massive cloud computing, and affordable digital media animation.

Inside Higher Ed cited some of his speculations, including: “Quantum computing could transform the typical data storage capacity from terabytes to zettabytes and yottabytes. Biosensing could place computers inside people’s minds and make decisions based on interpretations of thoughts. Artificial intelligence will become fully developed, and robotics will become commonplace."

Read the Inside Higher Ed article.

Learn more about Picciano’s research.

Submitted on: NOV 30, 2017

Category: Faculty Activities | General GC News | Urban Education