Professor Bialek Awarded the Max Delbrück Prize in Biological Physics

Visiting Professor William BialekWiliam Bialek, a visiting presidential professor of physics at the Graduate Center and the co-director of the newly established Center for the Physics of Biological Function, has been awarded the 2018 Max Delbrück Prize in Biological Physics from the American Physical Society (APS), “for the application of general theoretical principles of physics and information theory to help understand and predict how biological systems function across a variety of scales, from molecules and cells, to brains and animal collectives.”

In addition to his Graduate Center appointment, Bialek is the John Archibald Wheeler/Battelle Professor in Physics at Princeton.

The $10,000 Max Delbrück Prize, presented annually by the APS, recognizes and encourages outstanding achievement in biological physics research.

Submitted on: OCT 27, 2017

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