VIDEO: President Robinson on Diverse Experiences of Women in Islam

In a new Business Insider video, President Chase F. Robinson talks about the diverse experiences of women in Islam, drawing on the examples of a mystic and a celebrity from the 8th and 9th centuries to correct Western misconceptions about the role of women in the religion.
“Rabi’a is a mystic who devotes her life to the lonely task of describing her love for God,” said President Robinson, a leading historian of early Islam. “'Arib follows a path of almost spectacular celebrity, a mix of Amy Winehouse and Elizabeth Taylor.

"Both belong to the 8th and the 9th century. Both born in Iraq. Both born to wealthy families, but they took radically different decisions and radically different courses in their lives.”
These two women, born under comparable circumstances but leading fundamentally different lives, illustrate the "very different experiences that women could have within the Islamic tradition,” according to President Robinson.
A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, President Robinson is the author or editor of eight books and more than 40 articles. His most recent book is Islamic Civilisation in Thirty Lives: The First 1,000 Years (University of California Press, 2016), which has drawn prominent media coverage.

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Submitted on: MAR 8, 2017

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