Manu Bhagavan in Media on ‘Crisis of Sovereignty’

"The world is sick," writes Professor Manu Bhagavan (GC/Hunter, History) in a new essay on the modern-day “crisis of sovereignty."
"Unfortunately, while advocates of Brexit and other populists have correctly identified the symptoms of broad societal illness. . . they have misdiagnosed the primary cause of our infirmity and their efforts to cure the patient are therefore doomed to fail," writes Bhagavan, whose research focuses on South Asia, intellectual history, and human rights.

​“Contemporary populists are looking backwards, hoping to fix our problems by drawing from a medical toolkit from a previous century,”

The essay is published on the Brexit: Global Perspectives blog, which is affiliated with Cambridge University, on the E-International Relations site. 
Bhagavan will also appear on Represent NYC, a weekly program on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, on March 5 at 7 p.m. Bhagavan will discuss the threat of Trump’s authoritarian behavior and the role of the judiciary in reviewing his executive orders.

Submitted on: FEB 28, 2017

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