Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Scholars Honored by Acoustics Society

Students, faculty, and alumni of the Ph.D. Program in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences recently received various honors from the Acoustical Society of America, the world’s most prestigious scientific society dedicated to the study and applications of acoustics:

  • Ph.D. student Katherine M. Dawson received the society’s 2015 Raymond H. Stetson award, which supports the research efforts of promising graduate students. [Read more about Dawson, whose research focuses on using ultrasound to investigate tongue function in articulation.]
  • Arlene Neuman (Ph.D. Hearing Science/Audiology, 1982), an NYU School of Medicine professor and former GC faculty member, was named a fellow of the society.
  • Sunil Puria (Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, 1991), a Stanford University faculty member who was advised by two faculty members from the Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences program, was also named a fellow. Puria’s research focuses on the acoustics of the ear.
  • Judy Dubno (Ph.D. Hearing Science/Audiology, 1978), the current president of the society, awarded the honors to Newman and Puria.
  • Professor Emeritus Katherine S. Harris received both the Silver and Gold medals from the Society, and formerly served as its president.

“No other university with many active members in the Acoustical Society has ever had two graduates being honored at the same time with the honors being awarded by one of their peers from the university,” said Professor Emeritus Harry Levitt (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences). “This is a unique achievement of the program, not just of a single individual from the program.”
On Friday, October 16, the program will celebrate its 50th anniversary with an alumni event at the Graduate Center. Details to come soon.

At left: Sunil Puria; second from left: Judy Dubno; right: Arlene Neuman.

Submitted on: JUL 16, 2015

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