‘White Privilege’ Op-ed by Corey Robin Featured on Salon

An op-ed by Corey Robin (GC/Brooklyn, Political Science) on white privilege, conversations about race, and the increasing segregation in public schools was published this week on Salon.
In the piece, Robin writes about the differences between the way progressive whites often talk about race, and the way society actually functions.

Despite fervent calls for inclusion, public schools are in fact more segregated than they were several decades ago, he notes -- with higher percentages of black students now attending almost all-minority schools throughout every region of the United States.
“In school, white children are taught to be conscious of race and racism in a way I never was when I was as a kid in the 1970s,” Robin notes. “The way we live now is not reflected in the way we talk. Or type.”

Submitted on: MAR 10, 2015

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