Janet Gornick in the Washington Post on Parental Leave Policy, Income Inequality

Professor Janet Gornick (Political Science/Sociology) spoke with the Washington Post this week about parental leave policy, a centerpiece of President Obama’s State of the Union address. The United States is the only advanced economy with no paid parental leave policy or paid sick days.

"But now people, even the right, are talking about, if you go to work, and you’re playing by the rules, you shouldn’t lose your job just because you reproduced," she said. "I’m beginning to see some language that gives me hope."

Gornick was also quoted in a Post op-ed last week, providing context for why the United States lags far behind in income equality.

"Our inequality is already high because of the low minimum wage, the weakness of unions and very high levels of private-sector compensation at the top," she said. "But on top of that, we are redistributing less than other countries and also have lower taxes on the highest incomes, particularly income from capital."

Submitted on: JAN 22, 2015

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