Appointments to the Doctoral Faculty

The following is a list of twenty-eight appointments to the doctoral faculty that were made between December 19, 2012 and April 25, 2013.  Listed after each name are the faculty member’s home campus or affiliation and areas of specialization.

Audiology, Doctoral Program (Au.D.)
Kaitlin Calleja, Adjunct, GC:  Diagnostic audiology, pediatric audiology, electro physiologic assessment.

Biology, Ph.D. Program
Nicolas Biais, Brooklyn: Microbiology, biophysics, host-microbe interactions, cell biology.
Michelle T. Juarez, CCNY: Molecular, cellular, and developmental.
Moira Sauane, Lehman: Molecular mechanisms of cancer-therapeutic agents.
Anthony Wilson, Brooklyn,: Evolutionary biology, functional genomics, molecular ecology, sexual selection.

Business, Ph.D. Program
Stuart A. Schulman, Baruch: Entrepreneurship, international marketing and management, ecotourism and tourism education.

Comparative Literature, Ph.D. Program
Wayne Koestenbaum, GC: Contemporary poetics, queer theory.

Computer Science, Ph.D. Program
Hanghang Tong, CCNY: Data mining, machine learning, social network analysis.

Educational Psychology, Ph.D. Program
Anastasiya A. Lipnevich, Queens: Formative feedback, attitudes towards mathematics, alternative ways of cognitive/non-cognitive assessment, role of non-cognitive characteristics in individuals’ academic and life achievement.

French, Ph.D. Program
Erec R. Koch, Hunter: Seventeenth-century French literature and French culture, early modern philosophy, history of science and medicine.
Bettina R. Lerner, CCNY: Nineteenth-century French culture and literary history, popular culture, translation theory.
Karen Sullivan, Queens: Eighteenth-century French literature, women’s writing of ancient regime, feminist and postcolonial perspectives in the eighteenth century, critical language pedagogy.

Linguistics, Ph.D. Program
Susan D. Fischer, Adjunct, Rochester Institute of Technology, Retired: Sign language, morphosyntax, typology, psycholinguistics.

Mathematics, Ph.D. Program
David R. Finston, Brooklyn: Algebra, affine algebraic geometry.
W. Patrick Hooper, CCNY: Dynamical systems, geometry, Teichm├╝ller theory
Bianca Santoro, CCNY: Complex geometry, geometric analysis.
Christian Wolf, CCNY: Dynamical systems, ergodic theory, thermodynamic formalism, fractal geometry.

Physical Therapy, Doctoral Program (DPT)
Wei Zhang, CSI: Motor control, neuroscience, biomechanics.

Psychology, Ph.D. Program
Cheryl L. Carmichael, Brooklyn: Close relationships, social regulation of affect, health.
Jessie Daniels, Hunter: Race, racism, digital media, internet research methods.
Joel Erblich, Hunter: Health psychology and clinical science.
Catherine Good, Baruch: Social psychology, stereotype threat, gender, achievement motivation and learning.
Renee D. Goodman, Queens: Clinical psychology with emphasis in neuropsychology, clinical science and health psychology.
Michael A. Hoyt, Hunter: Health psychology and clinical science.
Gina Philogene, Adjunct, Sarah Lawrence College: Social representation, social identity, race and racial dynamics, history of the social sciences.

Public Health, Doctoral Program (DPH)
Jonathan Engel, Baruch: Healthcare policy, healthcare management, urban health,.
Renee D. Goodwin, Queens: Epidemiology, psychiatric epidemiology, substance use epidemiology.
Xiaowei Yang, Hunter: Epidemiology, biostatistics.

Submitted on: MAY 8, 2013

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