Fabricant-Fine Book on K–12 Ed Is a “Must-Read,” Says Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor has named Charter Schools and the Corporate Makeover of Public Education, by doctoral faculty members Michael Fabricant (Prof., Hunter, Social Welfare) and Michelle Fine (Dist. Prof., GC, Psychology, Urban Education), one of the year’s fifteen must-read books about K–12 education in the United States. The Monitor says, “This book provides an easily accessible, non-academic explanation of the role [charter schools] play beyond the rhetoric.” The book includes a detailed history of the charter movement, an analysis of the politics and economics driving the movement, documentation of actual student outcomes, and alternative approaches to transforming public education so that it serves all children. An interview with Professor Fine about the book appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of the GC’s magazine Folio, as part of the article “Who Will Save Our Schools? An Interview with Michael B. Fabricant.”

Submitted on: OCT 5, 2012

Category: Faculty Awards | Psychology | Social Welfare | Urban Education