Screening and Testing

The Graduate Center’s Coronavirus Campus Coordinator serves as the central point of contact and works collaboratively with the Coronavirus Campus Screeners and members of the Emergency Planning Committee to ensure compliance will all aspects of the campus reactivation plan and the implementation of policies related to returning to campus, screening and testing.

Returning to Campus | Building Entry Policy

All personnel must certify that they have watched the mandatory New York State COVID-19 Response: Return to Work Training safety video, available on Blackboard. The safety video outlines basic guidelines for keeping everyone safe and healthy. It only needs to be watched in its entirety once.

Prior to coming to campus, all personnel must complete and submit a COVID-19 self-assessment. The COVID-19 self-assessment questionnaire is completed each day prior to coming to campus.

  • The self-assessment form has questions about COVID-19 symptoms and exposure. The health screening form also asks if the training video has been viewed.
  • Based on the responses to the questions, personnel completing the form will receive an automatic email confirming that they have access to the campus premises for that day.
  • Personnel must present the confirmation email of their screening results to the public security officers in the lobby when entering the building and may do so by using a smartphone, showing a photo or a printout of the confirmation email.
  • Personnel will not be permitted to enter the building unless they have proof that they completed the form for that day.

Personnel must not come to the Graduate Center in any of the following scenarios:

  • Individuals experiencing any symptoms (even mild) of a respiratory infection or other COVID-19-related symptoms. Personnel may not return to the Graduate Center until they have been symptom free for at least seventy-two (72) hours.
  • You have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
  • You have had known contact with any person suspected of having, being under investigation (contact tracing) for, or who has a confirmed active case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
  • You have travelled within the last 14 days to/from a designated U.S. “hot spot” or to a country for which the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a level 2 or 3 travel designation, or have had known contact with any person who has travelled to these areas within 14 days.


  • Only personnel approved and scheduled to be at the Graduate Center will be allowed to access the building. Personnel contact the Office of Public Safety to request campus access;
  • Non-touch forehead thermometers will be available onsite should anyone wish to have their temperature checked;
  • Entry must be through the main doors on Fifth Avenue, and individuals must show the Public Safety officer confirmation of the daily health screening, confirmation of approval to be on campus and sign in;
  • Individuals will not be permitted to bring guests into the building and are required to provide details on any significant contact with other personnel while at the Graduate Center daily;
  • Any personnel who develops symptoms consistent with COVID-19, test positive, or come into contact with someone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, should reach out to Brian Peterson, Interim Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration (
  • Any student who develops symptoms consistent with COVID-19, test positive, or come into contact with someone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, should contact Matthew Schoengood, Vice President for Student Affairs (
  • We will contact state and local health officials regarding any positive case on campus.


Testing to diagnose COVID-19 is one component of a comprehensive strategy and should be used in conjunction with promoting behaviors that reduce spread, maintaining healthy environments, maintaining healthy operations, and preparing for when someone gets sick.

At this time, the Graduate Center (and CUNY) does not intend to test employees for COVID-19 as a requirement to work onsite. Employees with questions about whether they should be tested for COVID-19 should consult with their healthcare provider. If it is determined by your provider that you should be tested, your clinician will recommend a testing facility or may refer you to one of the testing centers in New York City.

Students are encouraged to consult with their medical provider or to utilize New York City’s free COVID-19 testing centers. To learn more about free COVID-19 testing centers in New York City, see:

The Graduate Center’s (and CUNY) approach to testing may evolve over time, based on the availability of testing in New York City and the changing situation related to the pandemic.

Students, faculty and staff who become symptomatic, but who have a negative COVID-19 test result, should continue to stay home or in isolation while they are sick and should consult with their health care provider about the need for additional testing and when to resume normal activities.


Tracing and Tracking

Any time a student, faculty or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the campus screeners and reporting liaisons will notify the Campus Coronavirus Coordinator. The Coordinator will follow the University’s reporting policy that includes notifying the State and Local health departments and notifying the Chancellery/Chief Operating Officers Office and the appropriate Campus personnel.

To assist with contact tracing and decontamination in the event of a confirmed or presumed COVID-19 case onsite, students, faculty and staff reporting to the Graduate Center must provide, upon request, a list of occupied spaces and persons with whom they interacted with while on campus.

While maintaining confidentiality, the Graduate Center will use the information supplied to make best efforts to trace individuals who may have come into close or proximate contact with the person identified to notify them of possible COVID-19 exposure, and to assess areas for decontamination.

The Graduate Center will also assess areas for restricted access and whether the exposure is cause for temporarily closing the campus or moving back to a more restrictive phase of operations. The Graduate Center Office of Facilities and public safety will work with affected departments and will implement the appropriate enhanced cleaning and decontamination protocols.

Summary information will be provided to GC community members.

The Graduate Center will refer to NYSDOH’s “Interim Guidance for Public and Private Employees Returning to Work Following COVID-19 Infection or Exposure” regarding protocols and policies for employees seeking to return to work or class after a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 or after the individuals have had close or proximate contact with a person with COVID-19.

The Campus Coronavirus Coordinator will monitor campus and University-wide data, as well as the data provided for New York City, by the New York City Health Department daily. The COVID-19 data provided by the New York City Heath Department reflects the most recent information collected about people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in New York City. Changes in COVID-19 data at the campus, University, or City that show positive cases may be increasing will used as an decision making indicator in the reactivation plan and phase status.

Quarantine and Returning to Campus

The Graduate Center’s protocols for students, faculty and staff who are returning to campus are outlined below.

  • Students, faculty and staff must stay home or return home if they become sick while on campus;
    • Students, faculty and staff must not come to work if they are sick, and must notify the Graduate Center’s Coronavirus Campus Liaison if they become sick with COVID-19 symptoms, test positive for COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed or suspected case.
  • Any student, faculty or staff diagnosed with COVID-19 by their healthcare provider must notify the Coronavirus Campus Liaison.
  • Before returning to campus, students, faculty and staff who have been sick with COVID-19 symptoms, tested positive for COVID-19, or have been potentially exposed to someone with COVID-19 must follow CDC guidance to self-isolate or stay home.

Students, faculty and staff who are returning to New York to resume work, research or study at the Graduate Center must be familiar with the efforts of New York State and New York City to protect New York’s successful containment of COVID-19. Individuals must follow the directives of the joint travel advisory (between New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) for anyone returning to travel to states that have a significant degree of community-wide spread of COVID-19: Interim Guidance for Quarantine Restrictions on Travelers Arriving in New York State Following Out of State Travel. Individuals coming to New York from States noted on the New York State Restricted States Roster meet the criteria for required quarantine (14 days) before they may come to campus. The State’s full COVID-19 Travel Advisory can be viewed here.