Vaccination Verification Reminder

August 10, 2021 

Dear Faculty and Staff:

As reiterated in the message of Chancellor Matos Rodriguez yesterday[], starting on August 16, anyone entering a CUNY facility for any reason will need to be fully vaccinated (or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within the past seven days).

Vaccinated faculty and staff can upload their vaccination verification documents to CUNYfirst [] up to 10 days before the first week they are due back on their campus by following these instructions []. If you are a NYC resident and have misplaced or lost your vaccination card, you may see a record of your COVID-19 immunization here.

These voluntary submissions will facilitate your access to your campus or office and will also remove you from the need to participate in the weekly testing program. The Office of Human Resources is in the process of reviewing and approving staff and faculty’s vaccination verification documentation in CUNYFirst and notifying them when their vaccination documentation has been reviewed and approved. We appreciate your patience as we are working very hard to review and approve vaccination information of our staff and faculty as quickly as possible.

Please note that employees will be granted excused time (4 hours for 1st shot, and additional 4 hours for 2nd shot) in order to obtain their vaccinations. If you have not been vaccinated yet and would like to do so during work hours and use excused time, please e-mail your supervisor your vaccine appointment information (date, time and location of the appointment) to secure your supervisor’s approval and use excused time.  

Thank you for your cooperation and assisting us with facilitating a safe return for all our students, faculty and staff. 

Feel free to contact OHR @ should you have any questions.


Submitted on: AUG 10, 2021

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