Remote Work Agreements

On May 13, 2021, Chancellor Matos Rodríguez announced the University’s decision to designate August 2, 2021, as the date for CUNY staff to return to their campuses in preparation for a more in-person fall semester. Faculty were instructed to follow the academic calendar of their campus.

The University’s Guidance on Academic Continuity to Campuses states that in determining the balance between in-person and remote learning and working, the priorities of the University and the Graduate Center are “to protect the health and safety of CUNY students, faculty and staff while creating the conditions for our students to make progress in their academic programs, for our faculty to advance their creative and scholarly activities, and our staff to meet our myriad programmatic goals.”

As departments prepare to return to the Graduate Center campus for the fall, we ask that all staff review CUNY’s Flexible Work Guidelines and meet with their supervisors to discuss and solidify their work schedules, duties, and performance expectations. The supervisors will determine whether their employees’ positions and responsibilities lend themselves to remote work. The supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their units are appropriately staffed to provide in-person services to students, faculty, and staff. Prior to implementing any modified schedule or remote work agreement, employees and supervisors must take all the adequate steps and make the appropriate arrangements to ensure that campus operations and services will continue without interruption while modified schedules are in place.

To ensure academic continuity as well as equity, the University’s expectation is that all staff will have an in-person work component, excepting individuals who have requested and been approved for a medical accommodation through the CUNY Procedures for Requesting Reasonable Accommodations.

All staff who have not already been designated as essential employees should meet with their supervisors as soon as possible to discuss their work schedule for August and fall 2021. Each employee’s work schedule requires supervisor approval and must be documented in a Remote Work Agreement. The agreement must be signed by both the employee and their supervisor. Remote work agreements must be returned to the Office of Human Resources (OHR) via no later than July 15, 2021. (Note: Employees’ schedules for each day must indicate whether the employee will be working on campus or remotely.)

Please note that each approved Remote Work Agreement is granted on a temporary basis and can be adjusted as necessary. The employees will be given a minimum of seven (7) calendar days’ notice of a requirement to return to on-site work. Where possible, fourteen (14) days’ notice will be provided. Additional time to return to on-site work will be granted if necessary to meet documented travel restrictions or quarantine requirements.

Our expectation is that all offices at the Graduate Center will offer some in-person services on campus starting on August 2, 2021. The managers of each unit or program will decide how many days each week these services need to be offered starting August 2, and as we enter the fall semester. This will depend on the type of services each unit or program provides as well as the individual functions and roles of the staff within each unit or program.

As the level of on-campus activity ramps up, consistent with the GC’s approved Reactivation Plan, the senior leadership and managers of each unit or program will periodically assess whether we are effectively meeting our students’ needs, and whether on-campus staffing levels need to be adjusted (e.g., increasing the number of workdays on campus).

For more information, please visit Flexible Work Guidelines and Procedures for Requesting Reasonable Accommodations on OHR’s website.

Employees and supervisors may reach out to OHR at, to schedule one-on-one meeting(s) with OHR for consultation on specific and/or sensitive matters.

Submitted on: JUN 9, 2021

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