Building Entry Policy

Dear Graduate Center Faculty and Staff,

The Graduate Center is still operating on a remote work-status.

However, starting Monday, July 20, all employees must do two things before they enter our 365 Fifth Avenue building.
These are required by New York state. We must enforce them by state mandate and for the health and safety of everyone in the building.

1. You must watch a 12-minute safety video before you come to the building.

  • You must watch it in its entirety only once. The video can be played on a computer or tablet.
  • You will find the video on Blackboard. Once in Blackboard, you will find the video under the “My Organizations” section.
  • You need a CUNYfirst login to access Blackboard. Log in to or set up an account for CUNYfirst here.
  • In order for The Graduate Center to have proof that you watched the video, you need watch it in Blackboard. If you are having issues with Blackboard and need to access the building, you can also watch the “NY Forward Employees” video at this link.
  • If you have trouble accessing Blackboard or the video, please reach out to Kaleema Caesar at

2. Before coming to the building each day, you must fill out a short health screening form.

  • The health screening form has questions about COVID-19 symptoms and exposure. In the form, you will also be asked whether you have completed the training video referenced above.
  • When you fill out the questions and submit the form, based on your answers, you will receive an automatic email confirming that you may or may not access your campus premises for that day.
  • You must present the confirmation email of your screening results to the public security officers in the lobby each day you come to the building. You may do so by using your smartphone, by taking a picture of the confirmation email, or by bringing a printout of the email when you report to 365 Fifth Avenue.
  • The form is on The Graduate Center’s website here, and you must fill it out prior to entering the building. You will not be permitted access unless you have proof that you completed the form for that day.

Remember: You can’t enter the building if you haven’t watched the training video. You only have to watch it once. You must also fill out a brief health form and show proof of its completion each time you enter the building.

Please note:
In the event you answer “yes” to any question on the health screening form and/or if your temperature reading is 100 degrees or higher, the confirmation email will indicate that you are not permitted to be on campus premises. You should contact your health care provider, supervisor, and the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible.

If you exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms while you are on campus, you will be excused to return home, and must contact your health care provider as soon as possible.

These safety measures are for the good of our community. We expect to be asked to provide proof of our compliance to the state. Therefore, your compliance is essential.

Should you have questions and concerns, please contact the Office of Human Resources at

Submitted on: JUL 16, 2020

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