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  • Alumni News: Psychology

    Harold Takooshian (Psychology, 1979), a professor at Fordham University, was appointed a U.S. Fulbright Scholar to Haigazian University in Lebanon for 2013 to give classes on the social psychology of... Read more

  • Alumni News: Theatre

    Andrew L. Erdman (Theatre, 2001), author and writer, published Queen of Vaudeville: The Story of Eva Tanguay (Cornell University Press, 2012), a biography that tells of Tanguay’s remarkable ... Read more

  • Alumni News: Speech–Language–Hearing Sciences

    Jose G. Centeno (Speech–Language–Hearing Sciences, 1996) coauthored, with R. T. Anderson, “A preliminary comparison of verb tense production in Spanish speakers with expressive... Read more

  • Alumni News: English

    David Bahr (English, 2012), who began a tenure-track professorship at the Borough of Manhattan Community College in Fall 2012, was featured in the CUNY video “Class of 2012: Support Fosters... Read more

  • Binnaz Toprak Expresses Appreciation for 2012 Distinguished Alumni Medal

    It was in 1962, fifty years ago, that I came to this city as an undergraduate student from Istanbul. And it was back in Istanbul, on 9/11, while I was—by a traumatic... Read more

  • English Alumnus Rescues Livingstone Diary from Obscurity

    Adrian S. Wisnicki (English, 2003), assistant professor of British literature and codirector of the Center for Digital Humanities and Culture at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, headed a team that... Read more

  • Alumni News: Art History

    Tetsuya Oshima (Art History, 2008), curator of Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya, Japan, has organized the largest exhibition of Jackson Pollock’s work ever mounted in Asia. Oshima, who... Read more

  • Alumni News: Economics

    Geoffrey F. Joyce (Economics, 1995), an associate professor of pharmaceutical economics and a health policy expert at the University of Southern California, provided expert commentary on... Read more

  • Alumni News

    Alumni news received since Spring 2011: Sharon Aronson-Lehavi (Theatre, 2004), assistant professor of theatre and performance studies in the department of comparative literature at Bar Ilan... Read more