Creating a Competitive Manufacturing Workforce: Ahu Yildirmaz (Ph.D. ’97, Economics)

In a recent op-ed in the Baltimore Business Journal, Ahu Yildirmaz (Ph.D. ’97, Economics), co-head of the ADP Research Institute, suggests three steps for recruiting and retaining manufacturing talent in the face of automation and globalization. 

First, Yildirmaz says, companies need to “shake the industry’s antiquated image” and “create a pipeline of workers engaged in STEM fields.” Specifically, she recommends that manufacturers recruit skilled workers from the professional services and trade and transportation sectors. Also, more robust college recruitment and apprenticeship programs will expand the talent pool, she writes.

The other steps involve training workers to handle and understand automation and improving benefits and advancement opportunities that will make manufacturing more appealing to skilled employees—especially millennials, according to Yildirmaz. 

Yildirmaz directs economic and human capital management research at ADP, overseeing numerous proprietary reports and advising ADP’s business units on strategic insights, competitive intelligence, and analytics based on the institute’s findings. Previously, she held a number of roles at Johnson and Johnson and AT&T in the areas of strategy, corporate finance and market research. She has lectured and taught at CUNY and New York University. 

Submitted on: APR 27, 2017

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