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  • CIS Alert – Connectivity Issues with CUNYfirst

    CIS Update as of August 21st 

    Our CUNYfirst hosting vendor Sierra Cedar in Atlanta, GA has restored service and access to the CUNYfirst system.  They have reported the system is now back to full operational status.  CIS staff will be monitoring system functions and performance to ensure the system is functioning properly.

    CIS Alert on CUNYfirst Access Issue on August 20th

    CUNY CIS is investigating reports of connectivity issues currently affecting CUNYfirst.

    The CUNYfirst hosting service provider is still working to restore access to CUNYfirst.

    During the CUNYfirst restoration activities, users may be presented with the CUNY Login page and/or Oracle Peoplesoft login page instead of the CUNYfirst unavailable page.

    Users should wait for the hosting service provider to confirm that CUNYfirst has been restored and NOT attempt to log in to Oracle Peoplesoft.

    CIS will provide a CUNYfirst status update when the hosting service provider provides another status update.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Read more

  • Using Blackboard Learning Management System

    This session will focus on how to upload materials, communicate and utilize Blackboard effectively. Read more

  • Spearphishing Emails

     Dear Students,

    A notice was just received from CUNY CIS confirming that the FBI has identified successful spearphishing campaigns directed at college and university students, especially during periods when financial aid funds are disbursed in large volumes. In general, the spearphishing emails request students’ login credentials for the University’s internal intranet. The cyber criminals then capture students’ login credentials, and after gaining access, change the students’ direct deposit destination to bank accounts within the threat actor’s control.

    If you believe you are a victim of an online scam or malware campaign, please report it to IT Services and consider the following actions:

    -          Advise your financial institution immediately of any account information that may have been compromised.

    -          Watch for unexplained charges to your account

    -          Immediately change any passwords that you might have revealed.

    -          If you used the same password for multiple websites make sure to change it for each account, and do not use that same password in the future


    Information Technology


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  • CIS Alert: Connectivity issues with CRM/ERMS - 10/15/18

    CIS is investigating reports of connectivity issues with the CRM/ERMS process.  Incoming emails are not being processed at this time.

    We are working with our hosting partner to resolve the issue as soon as possible.   Until this is resolved, we ask that your user community report CUNYfirst issues and incidents directly to the local campus Help Desk and refrain from using the mailbox.

    Please notify your user community.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

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  • IT Alert: Phishing Campaign

    The Graduate center email system is currently being targeted by a phishing campaign. 
    The most common phishing email looks like this:

    Phishing Screenshot

    We urge users to never click a link in an unsolicited email message and to change all passwords if they suspect an account has been compromised.
    Microsoft will automatically block accounts that were compromised and are sending spam emails. A number of users have had their accounts blocked this week.  Anyone who is having this issue should contact us at and we will follow up with them individually.
    All staff, faculty and students are encouraged to take this 30 minute security awareness program.
    Information Technology

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