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  • Community Meeting 5-7-13

    “On July 1, I’ll be moving to 42nd Street, CUNY’s central office,” said President William Kelly in his opening remarks at the Graduate Center’s last community meeting... Read more

  • Community Meeting 2-15-13

    President William Kelly opened the first community meeting of the spring semester with brief remarks on the Graduate Center’s budget. He noted that while “there are ongoing austerity... Read more

  • Community Meeting 12–11–12

    Beginning with good news at the second community meeting of the year, President William Kelly announced, “We don’t have anything dramatic to report. The big news is the news we spoke... Read more

  • Extraordinary Lives: Francine du Plessix Gray

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  • Community Meeting: 10-4-12

    President Bill Kelly opened the first of four community meetings scheduled for the academic year with remarks on the GC’s budget. Now in its second year, New York State’s commitment to... Read more

  • Community Meeting: 5-7-12

    President’s Community Meeting May 7, 2012 GC faculty, staff, and students met in the Skylight Room on May 7 for the final community gathering of the academic year. While past meetings have... Read more

  • Community Meeting: 2-23-12

    President’s Community Meeting February 23, 2012 “Today, for the first time in four years, I have nothing to say about the budget!” declared President William Kelly at the... Read more

  • Community Meeting: 11-30-11

    President’s Community Meeting November 30, 2011 On November 30, President William Kelly held the second of four scheduled GC community meetings for the academic year. After briefly... Read more

  • Community Meeting: 10-5-11

    President's Community Meeting Wednesday, October 5, 2011 Beginning with “inevitable” remarks on the financial outlook, President William Kelly offered GC members some critical numbers... Read more

  • Community Meeting: 3-4-11

    The President’s Community Meeting Friday, March 4, 2011 At the community meeting on Friday, March 4, President William P. Kelly, in the face of impending state cuts to CUNY allocations,... Read more