To Stop Anti-Asian Racism, First Remedy Ignorance and Nationalism

The Graduate Center, CUNY · To Stop Anti-Asian Racism, First Remedy Ignorance and Nationalism

On this episode of The Thought Project, Manu Bhagavan, professor of history at Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY, and Vivian Louie, professor of urban policy and planning and director of the Asian American Studies Program and Center at Hunter College, discuss the spike in hate crimes around the world, particularly the hatred and violence that have been directed toward Americans who are of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. 
Bhagavan frames the hate in the context of the global rise of nationalism and of strongmen leaders who play on “majoritarian sentiments in their countries on racism, on xenophobia, on misogyny.” He links these trends to “increasing waves of hate crimes in country, after country, across the globe.” 
Louie, who recently spoke at a Stop Asian Hate rally in Bergen County, New Jersey, offers a remedy. “We need education that teaches us about the historical and civic contributions of Asian Americans, and about our nation's own immigration history of exclusion and inclusion,” she says. Louie may get her wish. Just last month New York State Senator John Liu introduced a bill requiring New York State public elementary and high schools to provide instruction in the history and civic impact of Asian Americans. The bill seeks to raise awareness of Asian Americans by directing the Board of Regents to develop a course of study incorporating the contributions, struggles, and accomplishments of Asian Americans throughout U.S. history.‚Äč

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Submitted on: MAY 27, 2021

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