"The Containerization of Shipping and its Global Consequences" with Marc Levinson and Liang Wu

What impact has the standardization of international trade has on society? Has the newfound speed and efficiency outpaced other market factors, such as worker conditions and risk prevention? How have dock cities, built on traditional supply chains, been affected by these changes? What can we expect to happen to the hundreds of thousands of shipping containers once they too become obsolete?

Ralph Bunche Institute Director John Torpey talks to Graduate Center alumnus Marc Levinson (Ph.D. '09, History), economist, historian, and journalist, and Liang Wu, a doctoral candidate in anthropology at The Graduate Center, CUNY, about how shipping containers have become the new paradigm in international shipping, and how that has affected supply chains, markets, and those working in the shipping industry.

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International Horizons - Ralph Bunche Institute · The Containerization of Shipping and its Global Consequences with Marc Levinson

Submitted on: MAY 3, 2021

Category: Anthropology | History | Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies