A Message on the Election in Progress

Office of the President

Dear colleagues,

As we anxiously await the final results of the U.S. election, we should feel deeply encouraged by our tremendous participation in the process. During a pandemic we voted in historic numbers. Many in our community spent time writing letters, making calls, and sending texts to get out the vote all over the country. We have seen challenges to our democracy and called them out. Yes, establishing the outcome of the election will take time. We accept this because we want every vote to count.

Upholding democracy and making meaningful change require effort and commitment. The same is true for the important work that we do every day at The Graduate Center. We stand for reason and research, dialogue, and belief in facts and data. Our work as scholars and teachers is the very essence of graduate education for the public good.

Let this be a reminder of our important mission and the strength of our community. Working together to advance knowledge and promote social justice, we will catalyze change and strengthen the democratic values that set this nation apart.

With best wishes,

Robin L. Garrell

Submitted on: NOV 4, 2020

Category: President's Office - Community Message